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Gallery for modern and contemporary art in Switzerland
Profile - Philosophy - Offer
Exhibitions of well-chosen contemporary artists form the main focus of the gallery activity in direct dialogue with work of the so-called classical modern age (abstract-expressively to minimally).
The so originated contrasts are consciously produced and should lead to a new, unused consideration of art.
We show paintings, work on paper, sculptures, objects, forming art, installations and original graphics. Besides, the accent lies on European, Swiss and North American art.
A big aim is to discover something new and to promote young talents straight and to focus collectors on special artists early.
Art-historical know-how and long-standing experience in the international art market.
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- Art exhibitions
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Sales and mediation of well-chosen
art from today and the classical modern age
Present art and avant-garde of from the 40th to the 60th years.
We show you
  • how you can discover YOUNG ART
  • how you can experience and enjoy modern and today's art
  • how you can connect enjoyment of art and investment in art
  • how you can get originals from internationally approved artists
  • how you can build up a lasting, important art collection
We help you too
  • with art draughts in private and public area
  • with art on building-projekts
  • to find the suitable picture or piece of art for your existing collection
  • with the arrangement of your offices
  • to estimate pieces of art at inheritance problems and to sell
With our exhibitions we show carefully well-chosen works of the CLASSICAL MODERN AGE up to present.
Expressive Work
on the way to abstraction
Our offer starts from the German expressionists of the New York school as Thomas Schütte, George Rickey, Chris Ofili and Victor Vasarely up to new discoveries from today (and the day after tomorrow ;-) Félix Vallotton, Albert Weber or already to established artists like Sigmar Polke or Louis Soutter.

Consulting & Documentation
New and passionate art collectors can profit from our more than 12-year-old experience in art trade and from the good international relationship of the gallery modern Art X AG - teams.
Special documentations to the piece of art with information to the biography of the artist or tips to exhibition and literature.
Consultation to art on building-projects.
Art draughts for the private and public area.
Simply give us a call:
+41 (0)41 - 561 07 03